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About Sally

With over two decades of dedicated practice, I have been curating enriching Yoga and well-being classes in Berkhamsted and the surrounding areas. Holding a British Wheel of Yoga diploma, my classes welcome individuals at all levels, from beginners taking their first steps to advanced students delving deeper into Yoga philosophy. Renowned and respected in the communities I serve, I bring a wealth of experience and a strong reputation for fostering Yoga and well-being.


For those seeking the convenience of online learning, my extensive library boasts on-demand classes and live online sessions. I also facilitate immersive retreats, both locally and internationally, where Yoga extends beyond the physical, embracing a holistic experience intertwined with nature's rhythms. As a Reiki-qualified practitioner, I infuse the transformative energy of Reiki into my classes, offering a unique and healing dimension to the practice.



My Yoga Journey

Yoga isn't just a practice for me; it's an integral part of my life. While there were moments when life's demands pulled me away, Yoga always lingered in the background, patiently waiting to welcome me home. Yoga resurfaced after the birth of my first son. The rhythmic breathing and gentle movements felt like a reunion with my true self, a homecoming of the soul. In those moments, I knew I had to reintegrate Yoga into my daily life.

Back in 1991, finding a Yoga class in Berkhamsted was a challenge, unlike the choice we have today. I began my practice at home, where Yoga became my sanctuary. It guided me gracefully through the birth of my second son, reinforcing its transformative power in my life. This profound connection led me to a pivotal decision: teaching Yoga was not just a calling but a necessity.

In 1999, I made a bold choice. I bid farewell to my corporate career, embracing the path of a Yoga teacher with open arms. That decision marked a turning point, a commitment to sharing the immense gifts Yoga had granted me. Since then, I've never looked back. Yoga became not just a profession but a purpose, guiding my journey and illuminating the path for others. Every breath, every stretch, and every moment of stillness reaffirms my dedication to this ancient art and the boundless wisdom it imparts.

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